‘Hell Fest’ is a refreshing vintage take on horror

Photo: Granville Pictures

Director Gregory Plotkin takes the horror film industry back to the 1980’s, in a good way, with “Hell Fest”. Filled with jump scares and good old-fashioned slasher scenes, “Hell Fest” is fun and creepy, but it sticks to the formula that the slasher films before it created.

When six college friends decide to attend Hell Fest, a traveling carnival that features haunted mazes and rides, they soon realize not everything in Hell Fest is fake. A masked serial killer turns the horror-themed festival into his own demented playground, and the six friends end up having to fight to stay alive.

This film plays on the ironic situation of having a serial killer taunt the very same people who signed up to be scared. Albeit a little cheesy, the plot is well-thought-out. Natalie (Amy Forsyth) is the first of her friends to realize something is off, but nobody will take her seriously. After all, it is a theme park where the workers are paid to scare the customers.

This movie is a fun slasher film to go see with a group of friends, but there’s nothing special about it. The fact that we so often know what’s real and fake, takes quite a bit away from the potential of the plot. “Hell Fest” won’t change the horror film industry, like “Get Out” managed to do, and it won’t leave you raving about what a great film it was. With that in mind, “Hell Fest” should still be enjoyed for what it is.

Even though this is just another fun horror film, it’s nice to see a slasher movie back in theaters.

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