UPC hosts showing of ‘Incredibles 2’

Photo: Oksana Durkee/The Forum

On Thursday, Oct. 4, UA Little Rock’s Program Council (UPC) held a screening of the new movie ‘Incredibles 2’ on the front lawn of West Hall for students and UALR community members to enjoy.

There were complimentary snacks and drinks available to munch on during the movie. Everyone had an amazing time coming together to see a movie some of us have been waiting 14 years to see.

“It was really great to have an event for our community because it’s nice to see families from our campus come out and relax and unwind together,” Kayla Miles, UA Little Rock student who attended the event and brought a child she was babysitting with her, said.

Erinn Forbes, the advisor of UPC, said these events are put on by the students, for the students. They typically cater to young colleges students, but can also be fun for older students to bring their kids to.

UPC President Mariah Smith said these events are put on monthly for the students to be able to relieve stress and have a good time. The events are free, fun, and are a wonderful way to get involved with others on campus.

Smith also said these events are excellent volunteer opportunities for students looking for service hours. The UPC meetings are held Tuesdays at 3 pm in meeting room B of the DSC. They are open to all students, and anyone can join easily.

UPC Vice President Kennedy Quarders said she is extremely excited about UPC week. The event is fall festival themed, and will be taking place the week of  October 22-26. Monday is going to be an escape room, Tuesday will be a comedy show, Wednesday will be glow in the dark yoga, Thursday will be a haunted themed trail, and Friday will be a carnival.

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