Tom Hardy delivers an incredible performance in ‘Venom’

Photo: Sony Pictures

Without Tom Hardy, I’m not sure I would’ve enjoyed this movie.

‘Venom’ follows investigative reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) when he get infected by a “symbiote” named Venom (voiced by Tom Hardy) while investigating the Life Foundation, a medical research company trying to find a way to cure illnesses while also finding a way for humans to survive in space that Eddie has been trying to take down for years. With having Venom inside his body, Eddie must learn to cope with his new situation with his everyday normal life.

Tom Hardy is exceptional in this role. With playing Eddie Brock and voicing Venom, he has this amazing chemistry with himself that oddly works perfectly. His amazing one-liners from both Eddie and Venom and his clear improv really save this movie from being another mediocre film. Throughout the film, Eddie and Venom go from strangers to best friends and it’s really sweet how close they become to each other.

The effects and CGI in this movie are great. There’s a chase scene in the second act that’s done really well and a scene at the end between Eddie/Venom and the villain of the movie that is all beautifully put together. Also when Venom fully takes control of Eddie and becomes his full form, it’s like something straight out of the comics.

When seeing this movie, pay more attention to Tom Hardy and the entertaining ride that is ‘Venom’, because the actual script and story aren’t all that great. The first act is really rushed and there’s no real, compelling plot. The villain is just your average rich bad guy and you leave the movie not really having any real opinion on the villain at all.

Like I said, Tom Hardy saves this movie and without him, this movie would be nothing.

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