‘A Simple Favor’ is an Exciting, Sexy and Captivating Thrill Ride

Photo: Lionsgate Films

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively stun in Paul Feig’s new comedy-mystery, “A Simple Favor.”

In the movie, Kendrick plays a widowed helicopter mom, Stephanie Smothers, who is beyond grateful for the acceptance she thinks she finds in Lively’s character, Emily Nelson.

Smothers energetically posts videos of recipes, crafts, and childcare tips for the mothers who follow her vlog. It’s more than obvious that Stephanie just wants to be a great mom. When her son Miles demands a playdate with his friend Nicky, she’s thrust into a shocking friendship with the chic public-relations executive for the well-known fashion icon Dennis Nylon. The two women share martinis and secrets, and quickly become great friends in Stephanie’s eyes. When Emily disappears, Stephanie learns she didn’t know as much about her best friend as she thought she did. She finds out just how dangerous secrets can be when she decides to investigate Emily’s fragmented past herself.

The movie follows the ultimate game of cat and mouse between the stay-at-home-mom Stephanie Smothers and the mysterious femme fatale Emily Nelson. Somehow, the film manages to carefully plant clues on the screen and suspicion in the viewer’s mind, all while keeping the fog of mystery thick in the air.

The viewer won’t be able to guess what is actually going on between Emily, Emily’s husband, Sean (“Crazy Rich Asians” star Henry Golding), and Stephanie until the very end of the film. The movie is filled with nutty twists and turns throughout, and despite the title of the film, there’s nothing simple about this plot.

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