SGA elects interim president

Senior Larry Dicus became interim president of the Student Government Association this Wednesday, alongside junior Jonathan Nwosu as interim president pro-tempore.

Senators and justices elected Dicus and Nwosu at a special meeting, where former SGA president Connor Donovan assisted them in filling the power vacuum created by Mat Wheeler and Caddo Lowery’s resignation.

“The main duty of this interim president will be to make sure that an emergency election occurs,” Donovan said.

Dicus, a senator from the College of Engineering and Information Technology, served as president pro-tempore last year. He was the only member to be nominated for the position of interim president and was voted in unanimously.

“I hope to have the election started in six weeks, but if that is not available then the goal will be during the elections for the senators at large this semester,” Dicus said

Upon the election of the new president and vice president, Dicus will reassume his role as president pro-tempore. Though officially the interim president pro-tempore, Nwosu will effectively serve as Dicus’ vice president for the next six weeks.

In addition to choosing the interim president and vice president, the body also made temporary appointments to the Academic Integrity and Grievance, Student Affairs, and Behavioral committees and selected 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays as its regular meeting time. A location has not yet been announced.

At next week’s meeting, the organization will discuss changes to its constitution so that it will have a procedure in place if a situation like this happens again in the future.

“We are going through something that our constitution was not prepared to handle, so we are making efforts to adapt and improve it,” Dicus said.

The interim president called the situation a “setback,” but says he is confident that the student government will hit the ground running once this transition period is over.

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