SGA President steps down

Caddo Lowery (middle) and Mat Wheeler (right) take their oath of office in April. Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

The President of the SGA, Mat Wheeler, has officially resigned his position.

Wheeler’s decision was confirmed Wednesday afternoon by Student Experience Director and SGA Advisor Jenny Dodson, who received his Letter of Resignation¬†on Sunday.

In his resignation letter, Wheeler cited scheduling conflicts as a primary reason for stepping down.

“The time commitment the job requires doesn’t work with my schedule as easily as I believed it was going to in the spring,” Wheeler wrote. “Along with this is a heavy course load that I need to put more focus on. Trying to juggle other priorities with the role as president would have resulted in a poor job being done. This community deserves the full attention of someone who can push for change and growth.”

According to Dodson, Vice President Caddo Lowery has chosen not to accept the presidency, further complicating the issue.

With no guidelines in the SGA’s Constitution for this unprecedented situation, the organization is currently left without an executive branch. According to Dodson, she is in the process of organizing a meeting with SGA senators and justices to figure out the organization’s next step.

At the time of this report, Wheeler and Lowery have not responded to requests for comment.

This story is still developing and updates will be posted when more information is released.


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