This week in SGA: April 30

Caddo Lowery (middle) and Mat Wheeler (right) take their oath of office. Photo: Forum/Ryan Bourgoin

Former president Brian Gregory passed the torch on to Mat Wheeler and Caddo Lowery at the year’s final SGA meeting, formally inducting them into their offices as president and vice president.

“Just always be willing to learn. You’re not always going to be right,” Gregory said when asked if he had any words for the incoming executive team. “People around you, whether it’s in SGA, outside of SGA, will have right answers, and you just got to be willing to listen and learn from them. So when you do that, you’ll have a successful year.”

Advisors Jenny Dodson and Karen Willson, who reprimanded the SGA a few months ago for what they perceived to be a mediocre work ethic, ended the meeting with kind words.

“Here at the end you guys really pulled together as a team and I appreciate the professionalism and leadership that you guys showed,” Willson said. “It looked good, and I just want to say thank you guys for that.”

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your hard work and your dedication this year,” Dodson said. “It has definitely been a challenging year for SGA. I think that we have gone through some things as a group that this governing body has not had to really deal with in the past, and so I thank you very much for your learning attitude throughout this process, and your cooperation and just really your leadership to the campus.”

Though the SGA has experienced a few challenges in the past year, Gregory says he would not change a thing.

“I think this year was definitely challenging and definitely like, a learning process for everybody,” Gregory said. “I think that a lot of people grew–everybody grew–in SGA, from the top on down, and so that’s the only thing you can ask for is like, progress, and moving forward, and just like, hopefully next year the organization will continue to build upon the success that we had this year.”

After adjourning, the members of the SGA closed the year with a celebratory dinner at U.S. Pizza Co.

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