This week in SGA: April 16

SGA April 16 meeting. Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

The SGA came to a decision on two of its Student Choice Awards nominees, and also nominated its members for the separate but similarly-named SGA Awards.

For Administrator of the Year, the SGA selected Associate Dean of Students Richard Harper, while School of Public Affairs Interim Chair Joseph Giammo took the award for Faculty Member of the Year.

Holly Meadows, coordinator for new student and parent programs, tied with Brian Green, an administrative assistant for Campus Living, for Staff Member of the Year. Members of the SGA will decide between these two via a poll in the organization’s GroupMe.

The SGA Awards, in contrast to the SGA Student Choice Awards, are chosen for members of the student government, by their SGA peers. The three awards include: Executive of the Year, Justice of the Year, and Senator of the Year.

Nominations for Executive of the Year include:

  • Mariam Bouzihay, chief-of-staff and public relations liaison
  • Brian Gregory, president (who declined)
  • Claire Herman, secretary
  • Faith Thomas, vice president

For Justice of the Year:

  • Jonathan Nwosu
  • Jared Stovall

And for Senator of the Year:

  • Prince Beasley, from the College of Education and Health Professions
  • Asiah Bradley, senator-at-large
  • Larry Dicus, from the College of Engineering and Information Technology
  • Kamron Woods, from the College of Social Sciences and Communication

Members of the SGA voted today by secret ballot, and the results will be announced at next week’s meeting.

Other news

  • The SGA voted to switch to electronic voting, as a way to increase the participation of UA Little Rock’s student body in elections. The University’s Information Technology department will help the organization explore specific methods for introducing this change in the upcoming school year.

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