This week in SGA: March 26

Ian Hadden delivers his presentation on the campus lighting project. Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

Ian Hadden, director of Energy Management Services on campus, discussed the details of an ongoing lighting project with the SGA during this week’s meeting.

The multi-phase plan is designed to increase campus safety by replacing high-pressure sodium lamps outside with lights better suited for nighttime vision. His department is open to student suggestions about where improved lighting is most needed.

Chancellor Andrew Rogerson will make an appearance at the next SGA meeting, to discuss his plans for improving the campus and get an understanding of student perspectives on the relevant issues.

“He’s going to talk about everything,” said President Brian Gregory. “Especially for those that will be here next year, he’s going to challenge us to think how we can solve some of the issues on this campus, like how we can make it a more lively campus, do more for the students and things like that.”

Gregory, who has been meeting with the Chancellor every other week this semester, says that Rogerson has many good ideas on how to move the campus forward, calling him “student-oriented.” Gregory suggested that other members of the SGA bring friends outside the organization to next week’s meeting.


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