Fifty Shades Freed

“Fifty Shades Freed,” the third and final installment of the Fifty Shades film franchise, was released in theaters Friday, Feb. 9, around the world.

While the second film ends on the couple’s lavish engagement celebration, this film begins at the equally lavish wedding of Anastasia Steele and her young tycoon lover, Christian Grey. The wedding is followed by a romantic honeymoon in Europe, but that isn’t where the honeymoon ends. It seems that after two sex-filled films, this couple can still bring the steam, albeit with less whips and chains than the previous two.

But, fans don’t despair! There is still plenty of steam and exciting sex scenes between this couple to fill say, three more movies? Between those steamy scenes, mystery and danger fill the plot with Ana’s previous boss harassing the couple, even going as far to recruit help right from under Ana and Christian’s noses.

This film also fits in all the luxuries the lucky one percent get to enjoy, including the purchase of an Audi still not on the market and a private getaway via private jet to a secluded chateau in Colorado.

For those who are not fans of the books or the films (but will more than likely be dragged to see this film against their will), I can say that you will spend a rollicking hour and 45 minutes rolling your eyes so hard, you may find a moment when you are afraid they’re permanently stuck that way.

There are many “what the heck?” moments followed by “did he really just say that?” questions. And don’t forget those “whatever!” moments from strong, independent women who just don’t understand Ana’s supposed capitulations.

However, there are some funny parts in the movie, such as Ana defying Christian on their honeymoon by removing her top (on a topless beach of all places *gasp*) after he expressly tells her not to.

All in all, previous fans of the book trilogy (titled the same as their subsequent movies), and the previous films should enjoy this finale, as it stays as close to the written storyline as possible.

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