This Week in SGA: Feb. 12

Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

The SGA discussed delays in their eStem survey release and the Trojans football feasibility study at their weekly meeting.

President Brian Gregory said the survey of student opinions on eStem discussed at the previous SGA meeting needs to be revised. He said the biases of the creators–himself and SGA Adviser Jenny Dodson–were too evident in the survey questions, and  they needed to be reworded so those survey-takers could “answer it clearly and effectively.”

“The feeling was that the questions were way too leading,” Gregory said. “It wasn’t a quick fix.”

Gregory said he and Dodson will rework the survey’s questions before administering it, and hopes to have the survey complete by March.

Gregory also brought up the SGA’s meeting with the Football Feasibility Study Committee. He said the committee has not come to a conclusion about the possibility of a UA Little Rock football team, and likely will not until late May or early June.


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