This Week in SGA: Feb. 5

Joshua Johnson and Makayla Ealy, SGA’s new senators-at-large. Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

The Student Government Association swore in two new senators-at-large this week: freshman Joshua Johnson, and junior Makayla Ealy. In addition, President Brian Gregory announced that a survey of student opinion on eStem will arrive soon.

Joshua Johnson, a business major, ran for a senator-at-large position the previous semester, but did not win. However, he has made a regular appearance at SGA meetings since that loss, creating a clear path to his approval and swearing-in this week.

“They help make decisions based on the school, based on what the school wants and needs, and I just want to be a part of that–to be able to collaborate with my peers and just kind of, reach an agreement,” Johnson said of the SGA. “It’ll give me a chance to stay involved in my campus and my community.”

Ealy, a mass communications major elected last semester, had no comments.

Next week, members of the SGA will administer the opinions on eStem survey electronically, as well as in-person. They will focus on the business building, West Hall, Trojan Cafe, and Trojan Grill for collection of data–both qualitative and quantitative.

Gregory and others in student government will present the data before Chancellor Rogerson, to help him address any issues that the student body may have regarding interaction with eStem.

Other points:

  • “Drug Takeback Day,” first brought up at last week’s meeting, has been scheduled for March 20. However, since this date is during Spring Break, it is likely to be rescheduled.
  • Mike Kirk, Director of Counseling Services, made an appearance alongside other members of his department; this year’s Suicide Prevention Walk will take place on April 7, from 1 to 3 p.m.
  • Chief of Staff Mike Vick, as well as Senators Prince Beasley and Larry Dicus, are working on a petition for the replacement of basketballs in the Fitness Center.

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