Campus Police Beat: Week of January 28

Last week, UA Little Rock Police Department had two reports involving vehicles, 2 reports involving lost or stolen property, and a report of a disturbance between a student and professor.


On Feb. 1, at about 11:00 a.m., Officer Mayor received a phone call about a disturbance in the ETAS building between a student and the professor. According to the professor, his students were giving speeches to the class when it was time for the student in question to give theirs. Upon getting up to give the lecture, the student wanted help with the speech but the professor refused to help so the student reacted by getting upset and “threatening to fight him”. As a result, the professor told his staff to call the police.

According to the student, he was giving his speech when he “voiced his opinion” and stated that he needed the professor’s help. ┬áThe student did admit, however, that he did get loud and disturbed the class. The student was told not to attend class the next day while the professor talked to the dean. There have been no further incidents.


On Jan. 31, at about 2:14 p.m., Officer Rodney Barnes received a call about a lost or stolen wallet at or near Ross Hall. Inside was an Arkansas drivers license, an Arvest Bank card, a $50 and $70 check, $2 in cash, a UA Little Rock student ID, and a military ID. The case is still active.

On Jan. 30, Officer Gavin Hurst received a call from the University Village about lost or stolen property. In the report, the victim stated that he he put his keys, phone, wallet, and UA Little Rock student ID down to play basketball after class. When he finished playing, all his items were missing and he looked everywhere and still could not find them. The case is still active.


On Jan. 28, an accident occurred between two vehicles along Asher Ave in front of the University Plaza between a male and female driver. The male driver stated that he was driving West bound on Asher Ave going to his “bro’s house” when the female driver got over in his lane. The male driver stated that he honked his horn, but the female still got over and “turned real fast”. The male driver then followed her, honked his horn again, and then the female driver finally pulled into the University Plaza parking lot.

The female driver stated that she merged into the right lane on Asher Ave and turned her signal on beforehand. She also stated that the male driver sped up and hit the side of her car. After the police looked at the damage, it was all very minor and both vehicles were still functional with no injuries to either of the drivers.

On Jan 28, Officer Scott Bruce noticed a vehicle that had been sitting in the University Plaza parking lot for over a week. According to the report, the vehicle seemed as if it was in some sort of wreck and had no forms of contact information inside. Due to this, Officer Bruce believed that the vehicle was abandoned and called Asher Wreck to take it away.

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