Campus Police Beat: Week of January 22

Last week, UA Little Rock Police Department reported two false alarm fires, two reports of damaged property, and followed up on a series of harassment phone calls.

Harassment Phone Calls

On Jan. 22, Officer Rodney Barnes followed up on a case about a series of harassing phone calls to the┬áTRIO Pre-College Outreach Center. According to the UALRPD report, the calls started six months ago on Mondays through Fridays around 3:00 p.m. but stopped for about two months, until starting again on Jan. 9. The phone calls “started at the front desk of the office and then worked it’s way to the back to each individual office including the fax machines.”

The report stated that the unknown caller would say things like; “I love you Sara,” “Come outside,” “I see you,” and make “non-verbal noises” over the phone. The victim stated that every call had a blocked number. UALRPD is still investigating the case.

Property Damage

On Jan. 22, at about 4:47 p.m., Officer Gary McGee was assisting a semitrailer at the SSC Loop when, according to his report, the rear driver’s side wheel drove onto the triangle shaped mulch area near the entrance of the Loop, got hooked on a sprinkler hose and pulled the hose out of the ground. At about 5:05 p.m., the driver was able to clear the area and Officer McGee contacted UALR:Facilities/Ground to make them aware of the incident, and an information/property damage report was made due to unknown damages.

On Jan. 23, at about 9:53 a.m., Officer Roy Mayo received a call about a property damage accident at the parking lot of the Arts & Design building. According to the report, a driver hit the left rear bumper of another vehicle when he went to turn into the parking space. Both vehicles had an estimated $1,000.00 in damages.

False Alarm Fires

On Jan. 23, at about 3:16 a.m., Corporal Steven Bass got a call from monitoring company Triple S Alarms about a fire alarm in room 304A of the Windgate Building of Art and Design. The Little Rock Fire Department found no signs of smoke or fire.

On Jan. 22, at about 8:o3 a.m., Officer Rodney Barnes was called to room 120 in North Hall for a fire alarm. According to the police report, the alarm was set off by a resident cooking breakfast. The resident opened all the windows to eliminated the smoke.

Additionally, UALRPD are also still investigating some on-campus thefts since the new year. The thefts included vehicle tags from Sodexo catering vans, a pair of shoes from the locker rooms at Jack Stephens Center, and a brown Razorback wallet containing $100 cash.

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