This Week in SGA: Nov. 27

Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

This week, the SGA discussed plans for a Student Issues Survey, as a follow up to Nov. 14’s “Your Voice Heard!” town hall meeting.

Sen. Claire Herman remarked that while the town hall meeting had a “less-than-stellar” turnout, those who did come actively participated and provided useful feedback.

“Overall it was a great event in which we learned a lot about the voices of the people and their concerns,” said Herman.

President Brian Gregory said that the Student Issues Survey will be a comprehensive collection of opinions on all issues that the student body is concerned with, so that repeated surveys on each new issue that arises will not be necessary; he urged the senators to submit questions in order for the Committee for Educating Students on People, Processes, and Resources to begin formulating the survey over winter break.

“Hopefully there will be a resolution next week for us to vote on, for us to move forward with,” Gregory said.

Chief Justice Makell Swinney announced plans to create a Judicial Oversight Committee, for the purpose of reviewing the senate constitution and election codes to make whatever amendments deemed necessary. The committee would consist of Swinney, two justices, as well as any senators who would like to join.

Next Monday’s meeting, on Dec. 4, will be the last for this semester.

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