This Week in SGA: Oct. 30

Associate Vice Chancellor John Rathje speaking to the Student Government Association about the objectives of the network refresh plan. Photo: Ryan Bourgoin/Forum

This week, John M. Rathje, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer for UA Little Rock, spoke to the Student Government Association about plans for an 18-month network refresh.

The goals outlined in the refresh areĀ  the result of a survey on student satisfaction with on-campus technology.

Some of the areas Rathje highlighted for improvement were strong Wi-Fi in the classrooms, student satisfaction with the computer labs and efficient use of campus printers. In addition, he said that the school is trying to create a “home-like environment” within the residence halls, by providing additional wireless network SSIDs.

UA Little Rock’s outdoor plazas and sports arenas are not part of the current network refresh plan.

“That’s something that we’ll want to take a look at. We considered it, but the cost became . . . the burden there,” Rathje said.

Other points:

  • A specific date for the senate’s proposed “Your Voice Heard!” town hall meeting still has not been set; while a replacement date of Nov. 15 was proposed at this week’s meeting, an international Thanksgiving dinner is scheduled for the same evening in Ledbetter, thus another possible date will be brought before the senate at next week’s meeting.
  • Though a bill officiating the proposed “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People” presentation was supposed to be on the floor at this week’s meeting, Vice President Faith Thomas and Advisor Jenny Dodson suggested that the senate wait one week before entertaining any bill, in order for President Brian Gregory to collect more information on the proposal.
  • Senator Prince Beasley, a member of the campus Pouring Rights committee, has said that the school’s current beverage contract with Pepsi expires in January, and that the committee will vote on whether to renew this contract for 6.5 years, or to enter into a contract with one of two other undisclosed vendors for the same amount of time.

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