EAT BEAT: Steak n' Shake at UA Little Rock

Students, faculty and staff gather around the Steak ‘n’ Shake food truck parked outside the food court.

A Steak n’ Shake food truck opened on the UA Little Rock campus on Monday, September 11. This was my first time eating anything Steak n’ Shake, so I didn’t know what to expect from the food, but I knew that there were students excited about its arrival. Around 2:30, I arrived at the food truck where there was a line for the order area, and a group of students and faculty waiting at the pickup area. The line moved pretty fast, and soon I was up to order.

The menu has two burger selections listed, which are The Original Double Cheese ‘N Fries and the Single Steakburger ‘N Fries. These meals do not include a drink, but you are able to purchase either a bottled water for $1.89, or a soft drink can for $.99. You also have a choice of three different milkshakes: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. If you aren’t up for a burger, the Thin ‘n Crispy Fries are listed as $1.79.

I decided to order The Original Double Cheese ‘N Fries and a vanilla milkshake, and paid $8.87 for the meal.

The wait was about 10-15 minutes long. There was a speaker in front of the food truck that played music to accompany the wait so it didn’t feel as long. The staff at Steak n’ Shake were respectable and verbal with the ones waiting in the pickup area to make sure they were getting what they ordered.

The Original Double Cheese ‘N Fries, according to the menu, is 100% beef with American cheese, fresh lettuce, pickles, vine-ripened tomatoes, onion, and ketchup. Of course you can request to remove any ingredient that you’re not a fan of on the burger. At first glance, everything on the burger was as listed, so I took my first bite.

One thing I will point out, since it was listed, is that the lettuce didn’t seem that fresh, but I assumed it was because of the grease from the burger.

I wasn’t entirely impressed with the burger, but I will say that it tastes better than other fast food burgers I’ve had, and I would prefer to eat it over the others I usually get.

The Thin n’ Crispy fries were thin, but they weren’t very crispy. They were cold when I ate them, and I figured it was because of the busyness of the food truck that caused the wait.

Since the Steak ‘n Shake bag revealed that they were voted #1 milkshake in a Zagat Survey, I was excited to try the vanilla one I had ordered, and it was pretty good! There was a perfect balance of sweetness that I can endure from a sugary treat.

All-in-all, the food from Steak n’ Shake was okay, but not something I see myself eating too often. The service and overall atmosphere of the place was as it should be at a restaurant or food truck. The staff were courteous and visibly working fast to get the customers what they ordered.

The Steak ‘n Shake truck can be found between the Donaghey Student Center and the Student Union. They are open Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. Acceptable forms of payment include Flex/Dining Dollars, cash and credit cards.


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